Alfonzo Spang

Office Manager

My name is Alfonzo Spang and I'm currently employed as the Tribal Historic

Preservation Office Manager. My Cheyenne name is Tšėške'eó'he'e. I received my high school diploma from St. Labre Catholic Indian School and graduated from Chief Dull Knife College with an Associate's Degree. I planned to attend Montana State University Bozeman in the fall of 2014. I needed to find some way to spend my time in a productive manner so I started volunteering with the THPO office in February 2014. I fell in love with working with the office and have been here since. Before working with this office, I had basic knowledge regarding Cheyenne culture. Working here has opened my eyes to just how rich our culture is and how vital it is to preserve it. I'm an avid fitness enthusiast and I have the THPO office to thank for giving me the confidence and drive to start working out. It just so happened that my first day back in the gym was my first day volunteering with the THPO office. I feel like our office is like family and I feel blessed to be a part of the Tribal Historic Preservation Office.