Gary LaFranier

FCC Manager


My given name Gary Thomas LaFranier, my Cheyenne name is Amehoste (Flying Walking). I am the newly hired Federal Communications Commission Coordinator for the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Historic Preservation Office. I am a proud member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and grew up on the Cheyenne reservation my entire life. In 2009, I went to college at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. In 2013 I graduated from the Mount with my Bachelors in History and a minor in Sociology. Ever since I could remember I grew up wanting to become an archeologist and find ancient remains. While growing up, I would hear stories of our past and what our people did before the Europeans came into America. I became highly interested and started to purchase history books and watch the History and National Geographic Channel. The main reason why I decided to be interested in my major and work with the Northern Cheyenne THPO was to help my people to discover and to protect our Cheyenne lands and way of life. We have a beautiful life and incredible past that most of our people do not know about. We do not understand that our ancestors breathed this air, slept, prayed, hunted and fought on these sacred grounds and their remains still lie in our beautiful lands that they sacrificed for us to stay on these sacred grounds. It is our job to protect and to preserve what we have with the knowledge and the respect to keep these sites secured for eternity.