Goldstein Little Eagle

IT Technician

Hotóhké naheševehe. My birth record name is Goldstein Little Eagle. I present myself as a Cheyenne Technology Warrior. I am the IT Technician for the NC Tribal Historic Preservation Office. I love being the current webmaster, troubleshooter, networker, database technician for NC THPO. Since being named Goldstein at birth, the nerd life was meant to be. I worked as a teenager in the disc jockey business. I always loved music, media, art, electronics, technology, cables, plugs and wires. After Howard Stern took the good gigs, I shifted my aim toward IT instead Communications in college. I received my degree in my field in 2004 and have been enjoying working for my tribe, The Northern Cheyenne, ever since.  I love my Cheyenne Culture and Traditions. I am grateful to be a part of NC THPO. Néá'ėšemeno.