The Tribal Historic Preservation Youth Program students are working on research projects focusing on the realm of Cheyenne history, such as the Sand Creek Massacre, Ft. Robinson, and hunting tactics of the Cheyenne. Each student has chosen a topic of their own to research, thus conducting a presentation addressing all they have learned about at the end of the program. Students will also be educated about the "True" history of the Cheyenne people and the many different facets of the Tribal Historic Preservation Office. This includes:

-The unification of the Tsetsestahese and Sotaae  -Cheyenne life prior to European invasion

-Life during contact and conflict with Europeans -The reservation, assimilation, and boarding school era

-Indian Removal Act -Cultural identity loss & the effects

-Historical and Intergenerational trauma -Section 106 & 110

-Advisory Council on Historic Preservation -History of Tribal Historic Preservation

-American Indian Religious Freedom Act -Bureau of Indian Affairs

-Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act -General Allotment Act   -The "Mask"