Kristina Red Bird

Section 106 Coordinator

My name is Kristina Red Bird. I am an enrolled member of the Northern

Cheyenne Tribe and my Cheyenne name is Hotóhké'e. I am a mother to two beautiful daughters. My educational background is in business and have a great deal of experience in data management. I graduated from Chief Dull Knife College in 1996. My duties as the Section 106 Coordinator is to handle all incoming requests for review. I review all documentation regarding proposed projects to ensure that all documentation is provided to the office to conduct thorough reviews. I left home after graduating high school and although I came home for short visits, it wasn't enough time to completely immerse myself into the community. After I had my children I decided it was time to move home and now I've been home almost seven years. I hope to better teach my children about their culture and heritage; something I wasn't completely exposed to as a child. I believe it's important that we know where we come from in order to better function, not only in our own personal lives but in the world. I feel blessed to be a part of our THPO program and its role in preserving our tribal history, culture and heritage.