The Northern Cheyenne Tribe was authorized to undertake the responsibilities of the

State Historic Preservation Office on tribal trust and ancestral lands in the year 2002. THPO was

entrusted to identify, preserve, and protect resources significant to the cultural life-ways of the

Cheyenne people. The THPO office was also tasked with ensuring that tribal, state, and federal

agencies consult with the tribe in consideration of any potential effects their proposed

undertakings may have on tribal resources. Furthermore, the THPO operates as a regulatory

office to ensure that agencies consulting with the tribe are in compliance under Section 106 of

the National Historic Preservation Act (1966) and code of federal regulations under 36 CFR 800.

As stipulated in the Cultural Resource Protection Ordinance (83), the Cultural department

shall provide for the efficient and effective identification, control, and management of the

Tribe's Archaeological and Historical resources. THPO has honored the ordinance by

incorporating the Cheyenne language, natural resources, traditional ecological knowledge, and

oral history into each review process. THPO also conducts cultural surveys utilizing both

archaeological and cultural methodologies when completing cultural inventories, which has also

improved the accuracy and efficiency when recording sites.