Teanna Limpy


Peveešeeva, my name is Teanna Limpy, and I am the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer/ Director of the Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO). I've been blessed with carrying two Cheyenne names in my life thus far, and they are Hotoameana'e and Votoná'e. I began to serve the tribe in my capacity as the THPO Director in November 2016. My journey to this office began with an interest in the fields of Anthropology and Native American Studies. I graduated from Montana State-University-Bozeman in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Native American Studies. Furthermore, I decided to stay in Bozeman to continue my studies and obtained a second Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from MSU in 2015. I am entirely grateful for my rich cultural upbringing, and most importantly my traditional families who I've been honored to have learned our ways from. The cultural life-ways of the Northern Cheyenne have definitely shaped my identity and my perspective of who I am. After graduation, I felt that it was important that I returned home to continue the work my late great-grandfather, Charlie Whitedirt, did in protecting the land of the Northern Cheyenne people. Lastly, I feel that it is also my duty to continue to expand the services of my office to the tribal membership, tribal, state and federal entities. I am working diligently to create a model THPO program that will be a strong resource for all aspects of Cheyenne history.